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4x4 Off-Road LED Lights

Today, the name STEDI stands for cutting-edge design and market-leading performance. It's our unfaltering commitment to unmatched performance, timeless design and signature quality that has made us one of the most globally distributed and trusted LED brands in the world.

Other companies call it the little things; for us, it is literally everything. We obsess over even the most trivial details and design elements to achieve the best visually stunning high-performance LED driving lights, light bars and auxiliary LED lights on the market.

When you enter the world of STEDI you're buying into a product that is mechanically and optically engineered with our know-how and our tooling, with our reputation and warranty standing right behind it. Our lights won't fade, turn yellow, and fall off at the first sign of corrugations. Our photometric data is lab tested, not photoshopped – We stand by it.

LED Driving Lights

The goal of STEDI™ is to offer high-quality, High Performance Driving Lights at accessible prices. Compare the build quality, performance, and list of inclusions with other offerings on the market and you will conclude that our LED Driving Lights are simply are simply put: unparalleled. From our Iconic Type-X Pro and Type-X Sport to our redefining Type-X EVO - STEDI stand at the forefront market leading High Performance LED Driving Lights.

LED Light Bars

Unquestionably, our Light Bar offering sets the gold standard in LED lighting. From slimline to double-row - the STEDI light bar range is the pinnacle of LED performance. Where uncompromising performance meets era-defining design. E-Mark Light Bars, Curved LED Light Bars, Slimline Light Bars and High-Performance Double Row Light Bars come in a range of sizes, beam patterns and spread combinations meaning no matter your needs we've got the perfect solution for you!

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