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Runva Winch Industries

RUNVA WINCH - Synthetic Rope 11000lbs (4 990Kg) 12V

RUNVA WINCH - Synthetic Rope 11000lbs (4 990Kg) 12V

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 RUNVA 11XPS WINCH - Synthetic Rope 11000lbs (4 990Kg) 12V 


This model features the newly designed gearbox with an integrated ratchet braking system. The ENTIRE winch is IP67 rated. Another fantastic model crafted by Runva. Rated one of the best winches in Australia.

The winch is supplied with 3 mounting options for the latest style control box:
-Mount it over the winch motor
-Mount it over the drum
-Mount it on a winch bar

Ideal for most heavy-duty 4X4 applications. 

What is included with your winch:
-Complete winch with Synthetic Rope
-Control Box with cables (3 mounting options included)
-Black Hawse Fairlead
-Large Recovery Hook
-Mounting hardware
-Heavy-duty handheld remote
-Wireless remote
-Pulley Block (Snatch Block)
-Instruction manual

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