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Outback 4wd Interiors

Roof Console Landcruiser Double Cab 79/ 76

Roof Console Landcruiser Double Cab 79/ 76

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Roof Console Landcruiser Double Cab 79/ 76

If you’re looking for a DIY roof console for your Landcruiser, look no further. Packed with features, this roof console from 4WD Interiors for a Double Cab Chassis is the perfect addition for any long-distance outback adventures. There really is nothing like being able to communicate with your friends at the back of the convoy and this 70 Series Double Cab Chassis center console makes it possible. Attach any radio to the driver’s side section of the roof console and enjoy the freedom of telling your mates what’s on your mind, from the comfort of the front seat. Not only does this eliminate the need to use a phone, potentially risking the safety of you and your passengers, but it also allows you to store all the items you use the most whilst driving. Installing a 4WD Interior overhead console in your Landcruiser makes the interior of your vehicle practical and safe.

70 Series Double Cab Chassis roof console lets the driver take control of any situation on the road. Being able to quickly warn the vehicle in front or behind of any hazards, can make all the difference on long journeys in the Australian outback. Being able to grab your sunnies, wallet, or park pass from your Landcruiser Double Cab overhead roof console is the functionality you’ve been missing.

Easy to install yourself, a DIY roof console from 4WD Interiors.

4WD Interior roof consoles are designed to look like a part of the vehicle and not apart from it! This Landcruiser Double Cab roof console includes bright LED Lights and a drop-down locker box for storage. If you’ve already got yourself a two-way radio system, inserts are available for non-standard DIN-size radios. If you want to feel like you're in your very own episode of 4x4 247, grab yourself a 70 Series Double Cab Chassis center roof console before your next big trip because chatting to your mates from the comfort of your vehicle is half the fun.

  • ABS Plastic: Single Cabs 750Lx240Wx100H 4kgs / Dual Cabs & Wagons 850Lx240Wx100H 4.5ks
  • Radio Surround, Radio Inserts, Microphone Cable Holder & Locker Box lining made of Thermoplastic rubber for cushioning of radios, contents, and safety of occupants.
  • Front Interior/Reading Lights
  • When doors are shut, switches operate lights independently as reading lights. When doors are opened both lights operate as interior lights.
  • DIN (Standard Size) Radio Insert: DIN size radio surround/storage tray is incorporated in the console.
  • Optional Inserts for Smaller Radios: Inserts for smaller radios are available (order with console).
  • Microphone Cable Holder: A microphone cable holder is supplied to keep the radio cable neat and tidy and up out of the driver's view.
  • Lined Storage Locker Box: Lined storage locker box stops contents stored inside from rattling and possible damage against the sides of the locker box.
  • Bluetooth Speaker Holes: Bluetooth speaker holes are incorporated in the front of the console allowing clear speaking and hearing.
  • Smart Leather-Grain Finish: Leather-grain finish gives the console that "Part of the vehicle - not apart from it" look.
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