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ARB Gen2 12v Portable Air Compressor Kit

ARB Gen2 12v Portable Air Compressor Kit

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ARB Gen2 12v Portable Air Compressor Kit

The most popular in our range, the ARB High Output Air Compressor, has been constructed entirely of lightweight, high-grade materials. The portable kit includes an all-new Japanese-made high-temperature 7-metre air hose, all new quick connect tyre inflation chuck, an air accessory kit, battery clamps and a weatherproof Impact resistant polypropylene carry case.

As the portable single model was first released in 2007, we have given this model a well-deserved refresh.

The addition of an impact-resistant polypropylene weather-proof case, similar styled to the Twin Portable Compressor, will provide protection for the compressor in various weather conditions, making it more versatile and reliable for outdoor use.

The stainless-steel heat shield covering the hot touch areas of the compressor is an excellent safety feature. It helps to prevent accidental burns or injuries while handling the compressor, further prioritizing user safety.

The inclusion of the longer V2 air hose and quick-connect tyre filler is a convenient addition to the kit. These new accessories, along with the neoprene pocket for storage, make the overall user experience more organized and user-friendly.

Furthermore, each compressor is individually built, assembled, and tested in our very own factory in Kilsyth, Victoria, Australia. This level of quality control ensures that every compressor meets both functional and safety standards, providing customers with a reliable and trustworthy product.


  • Hard anodized cylinder bore and Teflon-impregnated carbon fiber piston seal.

  • Built-in over-pressure safety valve

  • Motor internally thermal protected

  • Built-in pressure switch

  • Handy neoprene pocket to store hose and accessories

  • Weatherproof Impact resistant polypropylene carry case

  • 50% duty cycle


  • High output single air compressor

  • 304-grade hairline stainless steel heat shield

  • Impact-resistant polypropylene carry case

  • High-temperature air hose (made In Japan) with US standard fittings, 7m (23′) length and rated to 150psi (10bar)

  • 1x Quick-connect ARB Tyre Inflation Chuck

  • 1x Tyre bead seating fitting

  • 1x Inflation accessory kit

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