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Soft Shackle - 12.4 ton

Soft Shackle - 12.4 ton

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Soft shackles are excellent replacements for steel shackles. Easier to use, reduced weight, and from a safety standpoint, safer.  Soft Shackles have an exceeding strength-to-weight ratio, and they will not rust or corrode. 

Advantages of soft shackles: 

  • They float on water.
  • Minimal recoin when they break.
  • Absorption Resistant
  • No tools are required.

Please note pictures are for illustration purposes only, the actual product may differ in color and thickness depending on the strength rating.

See the table below for thickness indication: 

Rating Diameter  Open Length
5.5 t 12mm 150
8.5 t 16mm 200 – 300
12.4 t 20mm 200 – 300
16 t 24mm 200 – 300
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